Welcome to your on-line 360 degree appraisal system.

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool that helps you become more effective by understanding how others see you, your performance, your behaviour and your attitudes.

The main purpose of 360° feedback is to help you to understand how other people perceive you and as such is often quite a reflective process. In this sense it acts as a ‘mirror’ to help you to see the things you do well and any areas you need to develop further.

The feedback you will receive will be anonymous and will be a great starting point to help you to review your development needs.

In terms of the process here are the key points to consider:

1. You will first need to ask other people to give you feedback.  To get the best from this experience choose people who will be honest, constructive and know you well. It is also helpful to brief people before they receive their requests so they understand what you are trying to achieve and explain how important their feedback is.

2. There is no maximum number of people you can ask for feedback but 10 - 12 is the guideline number of responses.  It is also helpful to ask for feedback from different groups e.g. colleagues, those junior to you, those senior to you and your peers.

3. You can periodically return to the system to check whether the feedback has been returned and to send reminders if you are still waiting for some to be completed.

4. Once all feedback has been returned you will meet with a facilitator from the Learning and Development team. This will be a great opportunity to discuss the results and start to think about the development needs that have emerged.

5. Support will be given in terms of interpreting the data produced and this will be helpful when preparing for your meeting with your line manager. A draft Personal Development Plan will then need to be completed in readiness for this discussion.

6. The next stage will be to create an action and Personal Development Plan with your line manager’s support and agree review dates where appropriate.

If you need any further information about the process or how to get the best from 360 degree feedback then please contact a member of the Learning and Development team.